Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rihanna and Marion Cotillard in Christian Dior dress

This Dior dress is very popular among celebrities and fashion magazines, even not can tell how time, I saw models in different magazines in this dress and celebrities love wear this dress on the red carpet.

But on the cover appeared only Marion Cotillard in L'Officiel Magazine France March 2010.

Yesterday on the Nickelodeon's 23rd Annual Kids' Choice Awards, Rihanna wore this dress too.

What do you think about this, you can write in comments.

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Kekeben said...

i think it worked with rihanna...the denim jacket they styled marion with , makes the dress less appealing and more coinsisive with the whole 90s american girl look (if you understand what i'm saying). whereas rihanna it works, especally with the two-tone hair and hair makeup is tone-downed.

but then again. i've always admired rihanna's style (to a certain extent), so i'm probably just being biased.